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Emergency dentists in Bayside, Sutton

Remain calm and use our online booking system to get an appointment with Smile Hub Dental if your child needs emergency dental care in Dublin


Dental emergencies must unfortunately be brought to your local A&E after hours since we are unable to accept them.

What is covered by an urgent appointment?

Every effort will be made during this consultation to ease your anxieties and relieve your child's pain. A typical appointment lasts about 30 minutes, and the fee covers any required X-rays, temporary fillings, antibiotic prescriptions, emergency trauma management, etc.

What exactly qualifies as a dental emergency?

- Teeth that have been knocked out, shattered, or chipped - A painful toothache - Facial swelling brought on by illness - Mouth ulcers - Oral bleeding - Acute discomfort, infection, or abscess

When should a toothache victim seek emergency care?

Sometimes dental pain passes without posing too many issues; however, we strongly advise contacting our staff at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, especially in the following circumstances: - Increasing discomfort - Pain experienced after an accident or injury - Severe tooth pain that has abruptly appeared toothache accompanied by a fever and a general sense of ill - Call us right away if your child is experiencing tooth discomfort.

Guidelines for handling typical dental emergencies

Knocked out baby tooth

Avoid attempting to replace it in the socket since doing so can harm the permanent tooth underneath. Instead, attempt to stop the bleeding by exerting little pressure for about 10 minutes with gauze or a muslin. If your child is in discomfort, give him or her paracetamol or ibuprofen; however, never put aspirin or any other pain reliever directly on the gums as this might make them burn.

Missing permanent tooth

Don't scrub; instead, hold the tooth by the crown, not the root end, and rinse it clean. Do not remove any tissue pieces that are still attached. If at all possible, try to place the tooth back in its proper position, making sure it is facing the right direction, then bite down on a fresh towel to secure the tooth. Compared to very few teeth that are stored dry and reimplanted after an hour or more, at least 85% of teeth that are placed back in the tooth socket within five minutes survive. Put the tooth in a cup of milk if you can't put it back. If you don't have any milk, saltwater works just as well. Smile Hub Dental staff will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Damaged or chipped baby tooth

As soon as possible, take your child to the dentist so that the best course of action may be determined. This may involve grinding the tooth down, rebuilding it with a resin material, or extracting the tooth.

Damaged or chipped permanent tooth

Usually, these can be properly fixed by either reattaching the damaged pieces or by utilising a resin material that is tooth coloured. Visit Happy Kids Dental right away and keep any fragments in tap water.

Items getting trapped in the teeth

Contact Smile Hub Dental Clinic right away if dental floss is unable to remove the object. Avoid attempting to remove the object with anything pointed, such as a pin, since you run the risk of injuring your child's gums or chipping the enamel on their teeth.

Damaged braces

If a brace wire is loose, try pushing it into a more comfortable position with the rubber end of a pencil. If this is not possible, until you can get Happy Kids Dental, try covering the wire with dental wax, a tiny cotton ball, or a piece of gauze. Never cut the wire because you might inhale or ingest it.

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Our team at Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides superior children's dental care in Dublin. We have extensive experience working with children who have special educational needs and always speak to them in a language that they understand.