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Paediatric orthodontics


The purpose of orthodontic treatment in children and young people of this age is to straighten teeth, address any bite problems that may still exist, and create a 'smile for life.'

The following common orthodontic conditions are treatable with braces:

Crowded or misaligned teeth Severe tooth crooking might develop as a result of excessively crowded teeth. This crowding may result in plaque build-up, tooth decay, and a higher risk of gum disease.

Gaps Between Teeth


Gum disorders, periodontal pockets, and a higher risk of periodontal disease can all result from spacing abnormalities and gaps between teeth.

Deep Bite 

Deep bites can irritate or harm the gums, wear down the lower teeth, and aggravate joint and jaw pain.


An underbite can hinder the molars' or front teeth's natural function, which can cause tooth wear. Joint and jaw pain are other potential side effects.

Open bite 

Open bite may trigger more serious problems like temporomandibular joint condition (TMJD)


One or more upper teeth may contact the inside of a lower tooth as a result of a crossbite. This may result in bone loss, gum disease, and tooth wear. There are several viable treatments: We provide a wide selection of teen braces at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, including fixed and removable options.

Traditional metal

The wire must be secured to the bracket using elastic ties. Colors are definitely heating up for orthodontic patients who decide to use their mouths as fashion accessories. The colours appear on the elastic ties that hold the wires to the brackets, ranging from subtle pastels that match a wardrobe to vivid hues for holidays or showing school enthusiasm.


A set of removable, transparent aligners called Invisalign® that are worn day and night to straighten teeth are similar to dental 'trays.' Children can speak clearly and smile without being able to see the braces thanks to their almost invisible braces. Since the aligners are removable, compliance is crucial for a successful outcome, hence Invisalign only works with tenacious patients.

Teenage Invisalign braces.

The same technology as Invisalign® is used by Invisalign® Teen, but with a few extra features made just for kids and teenagers. Invisalign for teens contains a blue compliance indicator that wears out over time because a busy teen's lifestyle can make it simple to forget to wear the aligners. Read more here. The full cost of treatment is


After braces are taken off and the teeth are gorgeous, a retainer must be worn permanently. This prevents the teeth from shifting back to their pre-treatment locations and keeps them in their new positions.

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Our team at Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides superior children's dental care in Dublin. We have extensive experience working with children who have special educational needs and always speak to them in a language that they understand.